Block Coding for kids

Unleash your child's creativity with Visual Programming language Using having a child-friendly interface. With the increasing number of successful sessions, your child will develop Conceptual and Computational Skills by using a simple yet powerful Building Block Approach.

Not only coding but a way more

Coding opens up Infinitely many possibilities for kids to channelize their creativity. Our courses are designed by professionals having more than 15 Years of experience of teaching kids along with the coders from silicon valley. Which enables us to provide such an experience that your kids learn a way beyond than coding.
They will learn:-

  • Concepts for maths and science
  • Good moral Practices
  • Life lessons
  • Various facts about our country
  • Develop best App and Game

This approach helps children develop a deeper understanding of concept and perform better in Curriculum. That's why we are Best platform teaching programing for kid.

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Teachers will help you to decode our teaching style and curriculum In the Scratch Coding for kids free demo Class.

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Live personal tutoring ensures you receive exclusive attention that you highly benefit from. Our session are designed to teacher coding for children in most effective manner.

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You will see visible results in the first month only. Your Kid's Perception of Using Technology will change.

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Course Fees believes in quality education while being Affordable. Our Courses are Developed in Coordination with IT Expert. And come up with 100% money back Guarantee. Schedule your class hours as per your personal day-to-day timetable, and reschedule them to whenever you want!

  • Grades KG - 2 Lil Champ
  • Grades 3 - 4 Explorer
  • Grades 5 - 8 Advance
Coding Fundamentals
8 Sessions$7 per Session
Sequencing, loops and conditionals
What will your child do?
Create an animation using code
How will it benefit your child?
Increases logical thinking skills by 70%

Introduction to code

Price per session $7
View Curriculum
Most Popular
Mobile Game Development
24 Sessions$6 per Session
Learner + variables, functions and nested loops
What will your child do?
Create an animation using code and design an app
How will it benefit your child?
Increases logical thinking skills by 75% and enhances problem-solving skills

App Development Certificate

Top IT developer's Mentorship

Price per session $6
View Curriculum
Best Value
Mobile App Development
48 Sessions$5.5 per Session
Creator + design thinking framework, UI-UX design
What will your child do?
Create an animation using code, design an app & a game
How will it benefit your child?
Increases logical thinking skills by 75%, enhances problem-solving skills, boosts creativity and computational thinking skills

App Development Certificate

Life Time Free Test Series Access

Publish App

Price per session $5.5
View Curriculum
Learn about building games

My daughter really Enjoyed all the classes. Most Beautiful thing about there course is they teach coding with real life basic examples my child is able to relate with it easily.

Prisha Mittal
Grade 2
Build confidence and creativity

I recommend Tutorforkid to everyone looking to tech something fresh and useful to there kids. The course itself is very well designed and over that the type of support and care teachers show is exceptional level you cant expect it from anyone else.

Aditya Dhingra
Grade 2
Structured and time devoted by tutors

It was a great learning experience as my child was attending live one on one class. I am very thankful to Tutor for Kid for their follow up and reminder that they send and made sure that he never missed his class and even rescheduled the class on request. The teacher was so engaging and polite. Great job.... Much appreciated...

Anirudh Singh
Grade 6