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About Tutor For Kid

Tutor For Kids is an initiative by a bunch of teachers who are passionate about shaping the child's future. Our teachers are Masters of not only their subject but also they have basic training in child Psychology. Which makes them shape your child better. We aim to keep your child engaged and motivated through the tutoring lessons to make learning such fun.

Why Tutor For Kids?

TutorForKid's Learner program uses highly interactive lessons to keep our students engaged and motivated. Our online learning programs and curriculum are unique in the industry. Our online tutors know how to guide you. Our 3 years of experience working with students make us experts in our area. Over 90% have advanced degrees and many also have deep industry experience (so they know their stuff). Our expert tutors have dedicated their careers to improving scores, reducing stress, and building confidence.

And with our convenient online platform, we can match your family not with the best tutor in your neighborhood, but with the best tutor in the country.


Flexible Timing

Pick your own date, time & topic. Learn from anywhere also when you are away from home.

Interactive Lessons

Keeping this pace in mind, we have personalized 1-to-1 lessons specially designed for your child.

Highly Skilled Teacher

Each Tutor has more than 5 years of Experience with Stringent Training. Completely responsible for your Child's Progress.

Lowest Online Tutoring Fee

The per-session fee of personalized tutoring also is the lowest at only ----- for --- Minutes. Time is used only when you enter the classroom.

Curated Tests & Work Plans

Personalized Learning Plans for your child and Regular Feedback on teaching sessions so that there is no gap in between.

Mentoring and Counselling

Our tutor is not just a tutor they act as a mentor to your child too. Regular Counseling Sessions with Parents are also provided.

Choose the subject you want to


All State Boards
We offer variety of other languages and subjects
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Best pricing for you

Upto 5th
per hour
  • 1 Month @ ₹5625 (₹225/hr)
  • 2 Month @ ₹10,500 (₹210/hr)
  • 4 Month @ ₹20,000 (₹200/hr)
(Rates inclusive of tax and other charges)
For Custom Price & Offers
5th to 8th
per hour
  • 1 Month @ ₹6875 (₹275/hr)
  • 2 Month @ ₹13,000 (₹260/hr)
  • 4 Month @ ₹25,000 (₹250/hr)
(Rates inclusive of tax and other charges)
For Custom Price & Offers
8th to 10th
per hour
  • 1 Month @ ₹11,875 (₹475/hr)
  • 2 Month @ ₹23,000 (₹460/hr)
  • 4 Month @ ₹45,000 (₹450/hr)
(Rates inclusive of tax and other charges)
For Custom Price & Offers


Kavya has been teaching Hindi for my 8 year old daughter for the past couple of weeks.Now her writing and speaking skills have be shaped so wonderfull.
The approach she takes after understanding the kid's knowledge is really impressive.I am also given feed back after every session which really helps for the progress.
My Kid's response after the lesson is that Kavya makes it easier for him to understand by builing it up slowly.

Kavya is a wonderful teacher, already after only a few lessons I feel I have learnt a lot, she always explains things very precisely and is very patient. She is also very flexible and willing to work around changes in schedule, I couldn't recommend her enough.

Rachit sir is a very fine teacher. His lessons are insightfully tailored to my particular goals, interests and abilities. As any truly fine teacher, He is avid about the subject matter and genuinely encourages me in my learning. I find her lessons to be not only highly useful and engaging, but also quite enjoyable.

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